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“Now that Katie’s Clark career has come to an end, we find ourselves wanting to ensure that other families in similar financial situations to ours are afforded the same opportunities that made Clark an option. We are gladly pledging a gift to the school as our small way to not only thank the institution for the profound impact it had on our daughter, but also to hopefully make that same impact an option for other children.”

- Lori Camp and Bob Hensell
Parents of Alumna

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Fund for Student Financial Support

The Stanley Clark School is committed to making our exceptional experience accessible to well-qualified students from families who value education, for whom the cost of full tuition is beyond reach.

Currently, financial assistance is provided through unfunded school contributions. To sustain our commitment to admitting bright, motivated students, endowment funds designated for tuition assistance are essential. Funding will secure the school’s ability to sustain the breadth of our educational, athletic, artistic and social experiences for every child, regardless of need.

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Donor Recognition

All donors to the Fund for Student Financial Support will be recognized, unless wishing to remain anonymous, in perpetuity, in each Annual Report and on the Now + Forever donor appreciation installation.

Donors wishing to assure that funding is available for well-qualified, deserving students both Now + Forever may designate their endowment investment to benefit the Fund for Student Financial Support.

Donors investing a minimum of $50,000 may create a named scholarship in perpetuity. Families benefitting from named scholarship funds will be made aware of the source of their funding unless otherwise requested by the donor.

Gifts of any amount to this fund make an impact. Donors investing $50,000 or more may be additionally recognized in the following ways:

$500,000 (one opportunity available): Donor may name the Endowment for Student Financial Support

$100,000: Donor may name a $5,000 annual scholarship

$50,000: Donor may name a $2,500 annual scholarship


“Having financial aid offered allowed us to send Karen to an environment that nurtures her, not only from an educational standpoint but also emotionally and socially.”

 - Deborah Allen, SCS Parent

For more information, please contact: 

Amanda Bontrager
574.291.4200 ext. 1004



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