An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.

School Spirit

If you are looking for a school with spirit, look no further! The Stanley Clark School enjoys a unified school spirit as the Stanley Clark Tigers while also encouraging a longstanding internal team rivalry. In 2015 the school opened Hiler Hall, a building created to house lower school classrooms, the new main entrance and offices, and which effectively joined separate parts of the campus together. At the grand opening of the facility, students wore shirts reading, "One roof, one school." One 2nd grade student observed that the shirts should read instead, "One school, one heart."

At Stanley Clark, middle school students help preschool students to their classrooms from the car line each morning. 4th grade students assist kindergarten students with shared projects and service learning via the Kinderbuddy program. The Stanley Clark athletic teams compete in six sports with the support of fellow students across all divisions. A love for and loyalty to The Stanley Clark School is evidenced during severe winters, too, when students have been known to ask the Head of School to "please have school!" rather than another snow day.

Olympic Day

Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of The Stanley Clark school spirit is the presence of an internal team rivalry dating back to the 1960s. Students are assigned a team at the end of their 4th grade year, either Miami or Iroquois. Students whose older family members were Miami or Iroquois are assigned the same team, so lasting are the loyalties for one's respective team. The rivalry occurs yearlong as teams earn points through various athletic competitions and activities, and culminates with an annual Olympic Day. Alumni far and wide tune in to cheer for their teams and to track the official point tally.

Middle School Highlights