An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.

Leadership Opportunities

Character development and leadership are essential and intentional aspects of the curriculum at Stanley Clark. Students lead by example, demonstrate good character, and exhibit responsibility and respect for others. Presenting and sharing in front of a small group is part of a typical classroom experience at all age levels.

Early Childhood

From the age of three, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills within their classrooms. For instance, preschool students are assigned a specific task each week for which they are responsible. Tasks such as line leader, weather and librarian rotate each week, allowing students to practice being the lead for each classroom responsibility. During morning meetings, individual students present about the weather, calendar and the alphabet; as a result, students gain valuable presentation, communication and public speaking skills from their earliest days.

Lower School

In lower school, students continue to learn leadership, not only by setting a good example for younger students, but by also continuing to develop presentation skills. Each Friday, lower school students present news, updates and achievements at The Gathering, a meeting for 1st - 4th grade. Kindergarten and 4th grade also learn to work collaboratively through a partnership called Kinderbuddies, meeting together throughout the year for community building activities, a drama production and service learning projects. The Stanley Clark School participates in the Girls on the Run program, which encourages girls in 2nd through 4th grade to develop good health habits, confidence and leadership while integrating running.

Middle School

Through our distinctive advisory program, middle school students develop the skills necessary to be effective, thoughtful leaders. Based on Developmental Design, the advisory program aims to promote team-building, tolerance, communication, conflict resolution and other social-emotional skills. Each year, middle school students work together to develop the Code of Conduct, guidelines the students believe will enhance their learning environment. This unique approach gives students ownership over their conduct with others and provides an opportunity to learn accountability to self and others.

Students can run for class office or be elected a member of student council, where they may influence changes and initiate projects for the middle school. A longstanding tradition at The Stanley Clark School is an internal school spirit competition whereby two school teams, Miami and Iroquois, compete for points throughout the academic year. The competition culminates with Olympic Day. Miami and Iroquois team captains are elected each spring and are responsible for the coordination of lower school and middle school Olympic Day, which takes place each May.

Middle School Highlights

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Science Olympiad


Speech Team

Student Council

Competitive Athletics

School Plays

ISSMA Music Competition

Art Competitions

Notre Dame Young Playwrights Competition

High School Night

Eight graders have the opportunity to explore their options after Clark during our Annual High School Night, which attracts recruiters from 16-20 high schools from across the region and beyond.

Commencement & Final Assembly

Eighth graders participate in a traditional commencement at the end of their final year, which includes awards, honors and a graduation ceremony. Traditionally, the girls wear white dresses and the boys wear jacket and tie. Middle School, Lower School and Early Childhood students also participate in Final Assemblies, to celebrate student achievement and bid farewell to the academic year.