An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.


As one of our four pillars, character development is an essential and intentional aspect of the curriculum at Stanley Clark. Teaching students to positively influence others, as well as discern how others influence them, is critical for their success. Each year a school-wide theme is chosen to guide us in thoughtful discussion, reflection and interaction with each other. Recent themes include integrity, empathy, and leadership. Each division chooses an age-appropriate book based around the theme that students will together read as a class. Inspired artwork is created around the year's topic and students learn what it really means to exemplify these important qualities. 
Lower School Students in Art Class
Middle School student encouraging a Lower School student during Olympic Day

Leadership Development

At Stanley Clark, students lead by example, demonstrate good character, and exhibit responsibility and respect for others. Presenting and sharing in front of a small group is part of a typical classroom experience at all age levels. While leadership is introduced as young as preschool, the opportunities continue to grow and expand in age-appropriate ways as students progress throughout lower school and middle school. 

Middle School student helping early childhood students during arrival
Low Elements Course
Lower School Students Leading a Weekly Meeting
Middle School student painting with a preschooler
Kindergarten and 4th grade on a field trip to the apple orchard
Middle School student helping a Lower School student during Olympic Day
Kindergarten and 4th graders having lunch together
Girls on the Run

Service Learning

Compassion, respect and service to others are values integral to The Stanley Clark School culture and learning environment. Students from preschool through 8th grade engage in service learning as a core component of their education. From collecting hats and mittens for children in need to serving at various organizations throughout the community, students are taught what it means to care for others. Service learning happens both on and off campus and impacts multiple non-profit agencies each year.
1st grader holding a poster for a food drive
Students making a quilt for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Preschoolers hosting a bake sale
Students presenting a check to the Miller Veteran's Center
Students working in the garden
Students decorating a donation box for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Organizations We've Partnered With:

  • CASIE Center
  • ChildFund International
  • Cultivate Food Rescue
  • Feed the Children
  • Goodwill Industries of Michigan, Inc.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Healthwin Hospital
  • KIVA
  • La Casa de Amistad
  • Logan Center
  • Memory Project
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • The Food Bank of Northern Indiana
  • Pet Refuge
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Women's Shelter of the YWCA