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An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.


Athletics – Encouraging Well-Being and Teamwork

Our dynamic athletic program develops physical health, teamwork, cooperation and good sportsmanship. Physical education and athletics are an important part of each student’s experience, beginning with movement classes in preschool.

In lower school the emphasis is on developing gross motor skills as well as introducing team sports, sportsmanship and cooperation.

By middle school all students pursue athletics through interscholastic or lifetime sports. Practices are integrated into the school day and students choose whether to participate competitively. Students who choose to compete are grouped by ability on A and B teams and will play those of a similar level at other schools. With a wide variety of sports and competition options, there is a range of athletic opportunities for all.

What Sets Our Athletics Program Apart

  • Students develop a breadth of athletic experiences by participating in three sports each year.
  • Every student is welcome to compete and will receive ample playing time in athletic competitions.
  • The majority of our coaches are also Stanley Clark teachers so they know our students well. This helps coaches cultivate character development and individual strengths across disciplines.


On-Campus Athletic Facilities

Hammes Athletic Field

Ashbaugh Athletic Field

Baranay Athletic and Activities Center

Two high school regulation-size basketball courts

Dance studio

Fully equipped locker rooms