An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.

Visual Arts Faculty

Jill Hunt

Kindergarten – 4th Grade Art Teacher

B.S. in Education from Indiana University Education from Indiana University South Bend 1987

Mrs. Hunt has taught at Stanley Clark for more than 16 years and is a volunteer at the South Bend Civic Theatre. Her work was selected to appear downtown as part of South Bend’s Festival of Banners 2015.

Jess Loyd

Preschool and 5-8th Grade Art Teacher

B.A. in Studio Arts, Education from Saint Mary's College

Mrs. Loyd, a ceramicist by training, came to Stanley Clark after serving as the Director of Art Education at the South Bend Museum of Art, where she still volunteers and teaches.

Visual Arts

Students study visual arts with a dedicated art teacher from preschool through 8th grade. They are introduced to a variety of techniques and mediums, including architectural design, drawing, three dimensional artwork, ceramics, collage, mixed media, printmaking, painting, fiber arts and glass fusing.

Early Childhood

Preschool and kindergarten art introduces students to the elements of art and the use of art materials. Exploring colors, shapes and textures are an essential part the Reggio philosophy and students will become familiar with a number of mediums, including two-and three-dimensional art, drawing, collage, clay and painting.

Students are encouraged to use their imaginations and views of their environment as they create. Artwork will be linked to classroom interdisciplinary projects, classroom curricula and interests of children whenever possible.

Lower School

Art classes become more frequent in 1st - 4th grade with a strong focus on interdisciplinary projects. In 3rd grade students will plan and present their own art gallery exhibit. Art materials, art history and cultural art are all used as resources to inspire imaginative self-expression. Art terminology, design elements and composition are explored and applied to each lesson. Students at this level will observe, think about, discuss, choose, plan, organize and respond to each art lesson.

Middle School

Critical thinking skills are utilized as students develop an understanding of expression through art. National Art Education Association art principles and element foundations are formally introduced, and students begin to explore their art with an analytic and thought-provoking approach. Students are urged to be creative, pre-form their ideas, engage their imagination and develop perceptual awareness.

Whenever possible, the visual arts program is enriched by school-wide themed projects, visiting artist workshops, service-learning experiences and art museum or event field trips.