An independent co-educational school serving preschool through Grade 8.
Invest in Your Child's Future

At The Stanley Clark School we are committed to making our exceptional education accessible and affordable for your child.

The Estimated Family Contribution Chart below allows you to estimate your family’s anticipated tuition contribution for one enrolled child, K - 8th grade, based on income. Variables, such as family size, may affect a contribution toward tuition. For families with two or more children, please see "Estimated Family Contribution for Multiple Children" below. School contributions are intended to assist with K-8 tuition affordability. While part-time preschool is ineligible, a school contribution may be available to preschool students in the full-day program.

Funding for school contributions is available on a per grade level basis. It is possible for funds to be fully extended and unavailable in some grade levels but not others. 

Each student's education is generously supported by philanthropic giving. Thank you!


"There is no other grade school experience that comes close to a Stanley Clark education. The greatest gift Mike and I were able to give our children will always be their Stanley Clark education.”
~ Beth Garatoni, Parent of Six Clark Alumni



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Estimated Family Contribution for One Child (K-8th Grade)

This information is for estimation purposes only and is not an official offer. 

Estimated Family Contribution Chart for One Child (K-8th Grade)


Estimated Family Contribution for Multiple Children

The scenarios below demonstrate our commitment to affordability for families with more than one child. This information is for estimation purposes only and is not an official offer.

Estimated Family Contribution Chart for Multiple Children



Request a School Contribution

The Stanley Clark School will communicate your family’s expected contribution upon completion of the FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) application processFAST applications can be submitted for the upcoming academic year beginning February 1.

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2024-2025 Tuition

Morning (M-W): $4,900 (age 3 only)
Morning (M-F): $7,500
Full day (M-F): $11,000

Kindergarten - 8th Grade: $19,355

Clark Scholars Merit
Scholarship Program

Merit scholarships are awarded to qualified new students, regardless of family income, who demonstrate exceptional academic promise and outstanding character. Scholarship recipients entering third grade and above will have achieved academic excellence as evidenced by grades and high entrance test scores. Students younger than third grade will be eligible based on demonstrated academic promise as determined by the scholarship committee. All students must be of excellent character.

Award range: $500 - $5,000; renewable