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Jess Loyd standing in her art exhibit
  • Early Childhood
  • Lower School
  • Middle School
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications

Experience artwork designed to create pause - encouraging you to slow down and wonder. Mrs. Loyd's gallery exhibit offers just that with a playful and interactive collection of pieces to help you experience time differently, all made with everyday, accessible materials. Come interact with each art piece at one of her upcoming open gallery times.

  • arts
  • visual arts
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For the Love of Money: The Power of a Classroom Economy
  • Lower School
Meredith Hershberger, 4th Grade Teacher

A mini-economy system is not only a fun way to work on mathematics skills but is also an invaluable way to help with classroom management, self-regulation, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship in a safe learning environment! Read about how our fourth-grade students benefit from this unique year-long experience. 

  • academics
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2nd grade student practicing cursive handwriting
  • Lower School
Maura Visconsi, 2nd Grade Teacher

Cursive handwriting, taught in 2nd grade here at Clark, not only connects us to our past but also provides an important foundation for deeper learning. Read more about the benefits of this art form and why Stanley Clark prioritizes it as part of our curriculum. 

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Leadership - 2nd grade student working alongside a 5th grade buddy
  • Early Childhood
  • Lower School
  • Middle School
Nathaniel King, Director of Student Services and Leadership

Over time, leadership has shifted from position and status to collaboration and shared responsibility. Understanding leadership fallacies and replacing them with true statements allows anyone the opportunity to become a leader! Learn more about how Stanley Clark is helping encourage leadership in each student.

  • character
  • leadership
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Parent-Teacher Conference
  • Early Childhood
  • Lower School
  • Parenting
Dr. Kelly Goodspeed, Director of Early Childhood and Lower School

Parent-teacher conferences allow everyone involved in a child’s education to pause and reflect. Read more about the rich benefits of conference notes and conversation between parents and teachers, along with three pieces of advice to guide you in your own child's educational journey.

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