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Time Required - Slowing Down to Experience Art
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications
Jess Loyd standing in her art exhibit

Have you ever hugged artwork? I now have, as of this week. "You want to meet up in the Gallery this morning?" Mrs. Loyd emailed, "I'll share with you what's going on." "Sure!" I replied, grabbing the camera as any good marketing director would, pumpkin spice coffee in hand ('tis the season). What resulted was an unexpected change of pace to my Monday morning - slowing down, experiencing, and interacting with the art my sweet and incredibly talented colleague had produced. She invited me to look through, turn over, and hug the work on display. We discussed each piece and its intended "use" - the opportunity to experience time differently. 

Mrs. Loyd's artwork on display, Time Required, in the Gallery within Smith Hall, is a part of her thesis research in completing her MFA (Master of Fine Arts). In her final stages, she's sharing her artwork as a home show here at Clark.

Artwork on display in gallery

The Story Behind the Artwork

"The work began with curiosity and research with the attention economy, executive functioning skills, general lack of focus, and our culture of productivity and busyness. As a ceramic artist, it was fun to mix precious materials together like glass and clay with everyday discarded materials like cardboard, tape, and packing materials to help create a question of why," said Mrs. Loyd. 

Jess Loyd sharing about her art by touching glass hourglasses

"Time Required investigates the normalness of busy culture and the skewed perspective through prototypes designed to help us slow down or change perspectives. It is a collection of objects and images that represent time, productivity, and schedules while proposing a different approach to life. The project questions my own behavior within a world of distraction and busyness. It evolved to focus on recognizing the value of sustaining and maintaining components of productivity through making prototypes that reflect slowing down and wonder."

A middle school girl looking through artwork binoculars at another student

"As prototypes, their function is not the priority. They are designed to create pause. The works connote supporting, looking at, and investigating our daily actions through their design. Each prototype comes with its own advertising image for users to see the function and find the humor of the design in use."

Lindsey Hab hugging artwork

Year-Round Exhibits

This art exhibition kicks off a year-round gallery schedule that includes a great line-up of student artwork, a visiting artist who will collaborate with our students, and opportunities for local artists in the summer. The gallery will represent art related to what is happening in the classroom and the local community.

Students looking through an artwork telescope at each other

Experience the Exhibit

Curious to experience it yourself? Interact with the Time Required during open gallery hours on Sunday, September 24, 2:00 - 4:00 PM and Monday, October 2, 4:00 - 6:30 PM. A gallery map is provided to help you reflect on the art and consider time differently. 

Artwork - cardboard binoculars

About the Artist

Jessica Lentych Loyd is currently examining productivity and attention within our 21st-century lives. Her mash-up of materials and satire around art that can be supportive creates a world of wonder. Colorful abstract clay slabs paired with Amazon boxes, clay for resting, and mirrored cardboard tubes for perspective shifts welcome all to slow down and experience the art. She has 25 years of teaching experience in her many roles within museums, centers, and schools. Her passion is making contemporary art accessible and helping everyone to find their creative voice.

Loyd demonstrating her artwork

About the Author

Lindsey Hab

Lindsey Hab

Director of Marketing and Communications

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