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Empowering Kindergarteners to Become Researchers
Randi Bowling, Kindergarten Teacher

Guiding kindergarteners through their first research project has quickly become the most meaningful part of my school year. Through this 12-week, student-led project, our youngest tigers are empowered to ask questions, learn where to look for the answers and experience the value of their own voice. Art, music, technology, and Spanish classes also enrich their learning, meaning everyone has an opportunity to shine and gets the support they need to do so. 

This project first came about in February 2020. It’s been slightly different every year as we’ve adapted to a pandemic and online learning, responded to changing student needs, and dreamed about opportunities for extension. Each year, I encourage students to take even more ownership of the project, and they prove they are capable every time. If you told me at the beginning of this project that our five and six-year-olds would be researching, taking notes, citing sources, writing reports, presenting their findings, and reviewing their peers’ work, I would have bet that was a stretch. This project has reminded me that our kids are extremely capable. Ignite their curiosity, give them the tools to investigate, with just the right amount of support along the way, and they will soar. 

Our students created a video explaining the process of how we have conducted 12 weeks of research in kindergarten. In keeping with the spirit of this project, the story is told exclusively in their very capable, very adorable voices. We are excited to share it now with the Clark community and next week at our Research Open House when we present our findings to our families. 

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