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Class of 2020 Personal Memoir: Dani
Dani, Class of 2020

Ever since I've been a student at Clark, I have known that I wanted to be a Miami captain. My older sister, Kayla, who graduated from Clark in 2016, belonged to the school’s Miami Club, so I knew in kindergarten that I was a Miami prospect. I look up to my sister. I always have. Being a captain represented everything that I hoped to be - a leader and especially, a leader in athletics.

Every student at Stanley Clark is a member of one of the two clubs within the school: Miami and Iroquois. Most middle schools have an event called field day, but we have Olympic Day. To me, Olympic Day is the most important and special day of the year. Being with my team and participating in a series of games is invigorating. What I love about Olympic Day is that there are so many moving parts. Even if athletics isn’t your favorite thing, there is an event for everyone.

Kayla was not selected as a captain and she did not handle her shock and anger very well. For me, her not being a captain was confusing; she was my big sister who I looked up to. How could she not be a Miami captain? I believe she is an outstanding leader and has shown her leadership through various other opportunities. From that moment on, though, I knew that I would have to better myself and commit to becoming a captain. Then last school year, in May, I found out that I would be one of the four Miami captains on Olympic Day 2020.

Of course, I believed in myself and my abilities. I hoped that I would be a captain -- but so did Kayla. During the assembly, my heart was beating out of my chest, it was the moment I had been waiting for the past seven years. However, I knew there were more than a few other girls who were qualified for the position and wanted it just as badly as I did. I thought to myself, “What makes me different?” When my name was called, I must have let out a sigh of relief. I gave Lyza, the current captain who read my name, a huge hug. It was an ecstatic moment for me.

Having the opportunity to end the first chapter of my life the way I have always dreamed is such a blessing. I cannot wait to share the joy of Olympic Day with the new fifth graders who finally get to experience it. I would absolutely love to win, as anyone would. If someone had told me that my experience at Stanley Clark would be coming to a close so quickly, I would have never believed them. When I think of my time at Clark, this day in May will have been the best moment by far and the moment I've thought about every single day while at school, even in first grade. I will forever be grateful to Clark for this opportunity.


  • Class of 2020

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