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Class of 2023 Personal Memoir: Selin
Selin, Class of 2023
Class of 2023: Selin

In 7th grade, every student in drama class participates in a Cabaret. Showcasing what we've learned, students are assigned to perform a skit with a partner. For the Cabaret, I was a chicken. I know, right? It sounds like a joke, but I'm dead serious. The skit I got was a humorous one, and I was excited because I really enjoy making people laugh.

After months of preparation, it was finally the night of the Cabaret. My partner and I were the last people performing that night, and I was excited to see how everyone had done before we went up. As I stepped on stage, I heard many people chuckle, and I'm pretty sure it was because of my costume. As we started, I felt a little scared. There was nothing to be scared of, but knowing that everyone was watching was a little frightening. I reminded myself that my partner and I knew everything we were supposed to do, and even if we messed up, we could improvise until we could get back on the right track. After I said a funny line, the entire audience erupted with laughter. It was such a nice feeling to make such a big crowd of people laugh. Mrs. C (who is the drama teacher at Clark) laughed even though she knew the entire play! It made me feel really good and way more confident than when I started. My partner and I looked at each other, smiled, and then continued. The whole thing was so fun! Near the end, I realized that I really enjoyed acting! I didn't want to leave the stage. When my partner and I finished our skit, we bowed. Everyone in the audience erupted with cheers and applause. "Nailed it!" I whispered to my partner.

After the show, everyone came up to me and congratulated me. That Cabaret was probably one of the most memorable moments throughout my few years at Clark. It really proved to me how much I enjoyed acting, and if we had never had it, I wouldn't have known this fact about myself!

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