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Class of 2023 Personal Memoir: Sage
Sage, Class of 2023
Class of 2023 - Sage

We all have things that mean a lot to us, motivate us, and shape us into the people we are today. Whether it be an object, a person, or even a memory, it can affect someone's life significantly.

My memories at Clark mean so much to me. Without them, I don't even know what I would be. My favorite memories are probably more recent ones when I learned about my passion for volleyball. I enjoy the game, my teammates, and the wins we get together. I enjoy the thrill of actively playing and hearing people cheer me on. Scoring a point by working together with others may be one of the best feelings I've ever experienced.  

Last year, in 7th grade, I played in our tournament against three other schools. It was the first year I had ever played volleyball, and I was pretty scared. I was placed in the B team, but I slowly worked my skills up and was invited to play with the A team in our school's volleyball tournament. My teammates and I won the first game pretty easily with little difficulty. The second and final match was when it got intense. We went back and forth until we ended up playing a final set. 

My whole life I had never really cared that much about sports. Of course, I still tried and participated, but the third set of that game set something off in me that I'd never felt before. We pulled through the set and got the win, and after that game, I had a strange motivation to play volleyball. Something clicked in me that just made me feel complete. My entire life, I had been looking for something that would make me feel whole and satisfied, and I had finally found it.

In every other sport I've played, I was only happy if I won. Clark changed that for me; of course, I loved winning, but everything felt right. Playing felt right, scoring felt right, and even losing was fine because we worked together as a team. As long as I was playing and on the court, I was happy. Thanks to my time at Clark, I've tried so many different things and found something special to me. And that memory, that game we played over a year ago, is what motivates me to continue playing.

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