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Class of 2023 Personal Memoir: Kareem
Kareem, Class of 2023
Class of 2023 - Kareem

I love reading and learning about history. Anytime I see the opportunity to learn about a new topic or something interesting I never knew about history, I always take it. However, I wasn’t always eager about history. In fact, I never really cared about it until my seventh-grade year at The Stanley Clark School. That year I met Mr. Hunter, my history teacher.

My history classes taught by Mr. Hunter showed me how enjoyable it was to learn history. Mr. Hunter always made and still makes every class exceptional. He turns the U.S. history book into a story, and we are all spectators. When we learn about something like the U.S. Revolution, Mr. Hunter makes sure we remember it, making us act it out in our imaginations. When we learned about Charles Sumner being beaten at the Senate, Mr. Hunter acted it out for the rest of the class and showed us how Charles Sumner was beaten and lost his legs. Watching this, I learned how the event happened and could see it as if I was there when it happened.

Mr. Hunter is also a kind and encouraging teacher as well. He has always been there to encourage me and deal with the mistakes I make during class. I remember taking tests in Mr. Hunter’s classroom, only to mess up or make mistakes on what I thought was correct. It always felt horrible when I realized that my answer was incorrect, waiting for the test results to come. On one occasion, I realized I had given the incorrect answers, but Mr. Hunter still helped and made me feel better about myself. He talked to me and explained that we all make mistakes and I am only as human as anyone else here. Mr. Hunter has always been there for me and everyone in the classroom.

After my year in Mr. Hunter’s classroom, I learned so much and created a new passion for history. Nowadays, because of how Mr. Hunter impacted me, I have a better understanding of history, such as the causes of the American Revolution and how it happened. I learned a lot of these lessons in his class at The Stanley Clark School and will leave with a love for history. 

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