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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Sophia
Sophia, Class of 2022
Sophia, Class of 2022

The day is August 16, 2019. It’s a breezy but sunny morning. Sixth grade me is walking into a new school, wondering if I’m going to fit in. I walk through the big, glass BAAC doors, and I am greeted by Mr. Clark and his big smile. Mr. Clark always made it his mission to personally greet every student as they walked into the school. He was the first person I saw on my first day, and little did I know how much I would look forward to hearing his hello every morning. I saw tons of new faces as I walked down the school hallway; I did not know what to expect. I found my locker, and standing there in a flock were my new classmates, talking about how their summers went. They all seemed to be best friends. Thoughts began racing through my head, like, “Is there room for one more? How do I fit in here? Will they like me?” The first person I noticed was Erin, with her gorgeous, flaming red hair. Little did I know that even though we are both competitive and strong girls, she would become one of my best friends. Coming from a school where jealousy was in full force, I did not expect to find girls who were confident in who they are and not threatened by others and their talents. Except, that is exactly what I found. I’m so glad to have such good friends surrounding me now.

The next person I saw was Malakai, decked out in her beautiful handmade jewelry, sporting a million-dollar smile. She immediately put me at ease with her kind eyes and warm smile. I rushed to my advisory, where I met the lovely Mrs. Nash! She welcomed me into her warm, cozy classroom, filled with couches, different tables, and lots of books. I noticed all the little things. I could tell that the teachers had a lot of trust in the students. One example is how they let us be independent by allowing us to work in the hallways or the classrooms. Another way was by encouraging students to help each other and give suggestions to one another. I also loved the discussion part of the classes. I was used to getting a worksheet, doing it for homework, and then listening to the teacher give the right answers. The teachers seemed like they wanted to be at school and that they enjoyed their jobs. That makes a huge difference because when the teachers want to be there, it makes being their student a lot more fun and enjoyable. The main thing I will always remember was the vibe of the school. Stanley Clark has such a welcoming and accepting environment. I truly enjoy going to school, and I am very sad that this is my last year at Clark.

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