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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Yonatan
Yonatan, Class of 2022
Yonathan - Class of 2022

I've been at Stanley Clark for three years and started in 6th grade. I remember my first day at Clark being kind of scary. But some things made my time at Stanley Clark pretty amazing.

I had no idea who anyone was, but that all changed when a boy named Quinn came up to me. He toured me around the school on my visiting day, so I knew him a little. Without Quinn, I don't know what I would have done. He is really cool and good at sports. Quinn and I had so much fun together. I would go to his house, and we played basketball, soccer, tennis, and video games together. We went to Knollwood together to swim in their pool and went to a couple of Notre Dame football games together. Quinn is the embodiment of a good person. He always cares about me and is a natural-born leader. But it got even more fun when Teddy joined us. Teddy was really tall and a tech wizard.

However, when the end of the day came, they all left and I was alone in the Extended Day Study Hall. Quinn went to the bus, Teddy went home with his sister, and I had no one to talk to. But that changed when Erin, Watipa, and Ellie came and spoke to me. I felt at home at Study Hall, and every day I looked forward to it. Every day we would go down to the Extended Day room and get snacks, which would be very fun. Nothing could beat Study Hall. And to this day, all of us except for Ellie because she started walking home, meet in Study Hall after school every day.

I also remember when I visited, I was really shy, and I didn't know anyone except Quinn. And as we went to snack, I remember a girl, who I now know is Anna, came up to me and introduced herself to me, which made me feel better about coming to this school.

Anna, Quinn, Teddy, and everyone in Study Hall became an invaluable addition to my time at Stanley Clark. Without friends, good academics, and fun, what's the point of going to school? Fortunately, all those things are part of The Stanley Clark School.

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