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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Willa
Willa, Class of 2022
Willa, Class of 2022

I've gone to Stanley Clark since I was two years old. In that time, I've gained so many memories, but one, in particular, stands out. When I was in 4th grade, my class went to see The Nutcracker. It was a cold December morning, and I was wearing my favorite dress with navy blue leggings and sparkly boots; I felt like a princess. The morning of the field trip, I arrived at school with a smile on my face and lunch in hand. I had my fuzzy blue winter coat on and a purple backpack too. I made my way to Mrs. King's classroom, and everyone lined up, waiting by the door with their lunches and coats on. I walked to the end of the line behind my friend Keira. We had planned to sit together on the bus and at the theater. After everyone got to the classroom, we headed to the bus. We ate our snacks on the way, eagerly awaiting the show. I was so excited. I couldn't contain my energy; the fairies, the Nutcracker, the mice, I couldn't wait to see them all come to life on the beautiful stage. After around 20 minutes, as we pull up to the theater, I look over from the snack I was previously eating and see huge red and green ornaments. They were probably 20 times the size of the ones on my tree. The fact that the ornaments on the fountain amazed me and I hadn't even seen the theater yet was so exciting. We walked in the big doors of the Morris, and I felt like I was in a castle.

After checking in and getting our seat numbers, we walked up the huge marble winding staircase to the big red doors leading to the most magical theater. The doors opened, and all I could hear was a mix of ahhs and oohs from my classmates. I look up and see something I've only seen in movies and books: beautiful crown molding or what I called moldable clay stuff. After we calmed down, we got our seats. I was sitting by Libby and Keira. The lights went down, the curtains opened, and the show started. I was beyond excited to get this thing going. I couldn't believe how unreal this felt, all the beautiful party girls dancing in circles around with their mates, and the moms and dads giving their children presents, and the beautiful Nutcracker that soon turned into her dream. It felt like it had only been 10 minutes, but the light started coming back on, and intermission had begun. I didn't leave my seat, not wanting to risk missing any of the show. Around 15 or so minutes go by, and the lights start to dim once again. The second half started, and there were so many beautiful ballerinas, dolls, and mice. It was amazing. Once the show ended, we walked back down the winding marble staircase and saw the cast standing there to meet us. I look at all of them as if they were so cool, they had to have been fictional. After we walked past and said hi to them, we loaded back onto the bus and headed home. Still, 4 1/2 years later, I think about this moment all the time, the time that I went to The Nutcracker with my fourth-grade class.

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