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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Teddy
Teddy, Class of 2022

Teddy, Class of 2022

When I was in sixth grade, the seventh and eighth graders told me of the infamous Mr. Younts. They told me he was the scariest person on earth, but really, he is the total opposite. 

When that windy August day in seventh grade rolled around, I was nervous about what was to come. After hearing the older kids talking of the great accomplishments of the famous Mr. Hunter and Mrs. Kurnyak, I was excited to see them. But what was to come in Mr. Younts' class was something beyond my wildest dreams. 

When I walked through the gym doors in the back of the school for the first time, feeling that rush of excitement and warm air, mixed with the lingering smell of hand sanitizer, I was scared. As I walked up the long steps to Martin Hall, I told myself to be ready. As I turned, the blue doors standing open, I looked out into the vast hallway. Seeing all the older kids, running to each other, and talking, I knew I was ready. I first looked for my friends, Yonatan and Quinn and after seeing them, went to our advisory. After talking with the best band teacher in the world, I went to the dreaded MH-119, the math room. Upon entering the proclaimed dungeon, I saw him, ponytail and all, Mr. Younts. After taking my seat I started to get used to him. His voice was nice, gentle, and caring. He discussed who he was and what our year would be like, and how we would do things differently than you all are used to. And just like that, the class was over, and as we left the room, he said what would forever be in my mind, "Have a nice day, you're all wonderful people, goodbye." This simple phrase stuck with me to this day, helping me get through many troubles and hardships. After that, I went on through the day, going from class to class. And once the day was over, I told my mom in the car, "Really, Mr. Younts is not as bad as they say." And after that, days of classes turned into months and then the end of the year, and now today. Mr. Younts has really helped me. It is staggering, and I'm excited to get to high school with the knowledge and strong impact of his teaching. 

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