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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Malakai
Malakai, Class of 2022
Malakai - Class of 2022

It is May 18, 2020. It's the second to the last day of the 6th grade, which is a great feeling, but these bad and overwhelming feelings are also bubbling up. Why don't I want to leave 6th grade? Am I ready to take the next step into 7th? The work, the new teachers, the new environment, everything about leaving 6th grade is overwhelming. I am not ready, I think to myself. I have so many good memories of the teachers I have now. There is more homework, can I handle that? I take a deep breath realizing that life moves on and I have to move with it. I can't stay in the past. I need to move forward, ready to take on the next challenge that comes my way. Even though I am still a bit scared, I start to say my goodbyes. First, I begin by messaging every teacher I won't have in 7th grade. "Dear Mr. or Mrs.," I pause, usually writing a letter would come easy to me but realizing that this might be my last for these teachers broke my heart. Something that I have done for two years of my life is just gone in an instant. I may be dramatic, but this just hit me hard. They are the teachers I have said hi to every day, walking into their classrooms ready to learn. My teachers have helped me so much. I could talk to them about life and other problems. "Dear Teachers, thank you for all your hard work giving me the skills I need to succeed, but also being someone I can come to with my problems. Thank you for taking time out of your day to answer my messages."

Mrs. Nash responds, "What will I do without you? You are the brightest star!" These words stuck with me all the way until my 8th-grade year. "The brightest star shines bright, standing out among the rest." This great feeling fills my heart. I stand out even though I don't think I do. The teachers think so. The joy of knowing that I am making this impact on my teachers made me feel ready to move on. These last words that I carry in my heart every day changed me and made me see myself in a whole new light. Thank you, teachers, for changing my life.

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