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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Lily
Lily, Class of 2022
Lily, Class of 2022

When I think of SCS, I think of Mrs. Nash, my 5th and 6th grade English teacher. Every time you walked into the classroom, you got a feeling of love. She treated us like her own children, always with devotion and compassion; she had a genuine passion for us and our interests. In advisory, she always made sure that every one of us had time to talk about what we did that weekend. Even on Zoom, she would have us talk about our day and anything big going on in our lives. She was always very sweet and had a small jar of Jolly Ranchers. During standardized tests in fifth grade, she gave us mint and chocolate to help us focus.

The best time in her room was during fall and winter, her room always smelled like pumpkin and cinnamon, and it was warm and welcoming. She even made hot chocolate every morning, and secret Santa, in particular, was a blast.

It was never a dull moment in her class. There was always some class discussion or some form of reading, whether her reading to us or silent reading, where we would all disperse and find various pillow-covered spots around the room.

In seventh grade, we got some unfortunate news, Mrs.Nash was retiring. So, at the end of the year, while I was making cookies and cakes for all the teachers, I made extra, just for Mrs. Nash. I wrote a special note in which I told her how much she truly was a lasting influence in my life. The last day everyone saw her was a tear-filled day. It was hard to accept that she was leaving. I remember a lot of the grade ran to her, crying and telling her how much we would miss her. She told us reasons she won’t forget our class, which truly warmed my heart in unimaginable ways. I’m very heartbroken for the new middle schoolers because they will never know what a truly magical woman Mrs. Nash was, who could make you feel so welcome with just a hug and a smile.

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