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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Libby
Libby, Class of 2022
Libby, Class of 2022

Normally, people’s stories of first scoring soccer goals happen when they’re little, just playing for fun. But when I first scored one, I was in sixth grade. It was a hot, sunny day. There was no wind, and it was dry as could be. It also happened to be our last soccer game of the season. Of course, I was in it to win it, but I also really wanted one of those goals scored to be mine. We played a great first half, leading 3-0. The big talk was two of my best friends, Tipa and Brooklyn, scoring their first goals of the season. Everyone was ecstatic! We were all so happy for them and wanted to carry that energy into the second half. And carry it we did. Within the first five minutes of the second half, we got another goal, and things really got great.

After the kickoff, Ellie got the ball in her possession. She dribbled down the line, making her way further and further into our opponents’ territory. I got to the left post of the goal as the ball made its way to the corner of the field and yelled, “Here! Ellie!” She saw me and then passed it, and I guess some weird instinct kicked in because as it came to me, I turned toward the goal and shot the ball. I saw the goalie dive, and then I saw the soccer ball. It was in the back of the net! I couldn’t believe it. The team started cheering like they always did when someone scored, and I ran up to Erin and asked, “Did I just score?” She shouted yes and hugged me. That moment meant so much to me, and I will never forget that feeling of getting the ball, gritting my teeth, and not even realizing where I was shooting, or honestly, what I was doing at all. I had accomplished my goal, my friends had accomplished theirs, and we won the game. It turned out to be one of the best moments of my life, and it wouldn’t have happened without the Clark Tigers, who were there every step of the way.

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