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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Ellie
Ellie, Class of 2022
Ellie, Class of 2022

Books are one of my favorite things. So, when I got an opportunity to have a whole 45 minutes to read at the end of the day each Friday, I was so excited. Toast and Tea while reading books with Mrs. Nash and Mrs. Wilson, I mean, it was a great Flex option. Flex is a class at the end of the day Friday where you can choose the class you want to take, and there are fun options. There is stuff like talking about superheroes to playing drums. I became even more excited when I found out some of my closest friends were in this class. Everyone sat on this huge, long, squishy, and soft purple bean bag thing in the corner of the classroom.

We had books in our hands and stories in our heads, and there was toast in the toaster. It was the good type of toast, the nice cranberry bread. The water was heating to drink hot chocolate, not tea because we all forgot tea. We specifically had the Swiss miss packets. The toast popped, and we all ran to be first, and I beat everyone. One of my other friends got the other slice. The hot chocolate was ready, and we all stood in line and got a big cup of chocolatey goodness. The room smelled amazing. It smelled of cranberry and chocolate. We all retreated to the safe little corner. There was a small shelf of books in the back, and I took a sip of hot chocolate, careful not to spill it. I felt comfortable and safe.

Other people also loved reading here, and we could all do it together. Even the teachers read. Of course, the hallway was loud, but to us, it was our little peaceful world where no one could disturb us. I read so many great books and formed stronger friendships and bonds with people. Reading has always been something that I love. Being able to do something unique in school is something different and cool. Memories like these seem super tiny but are actually really big, and only seven of us share this special memory. It may have seemed like this would make a minor impact in my life, but I think it is one of the reasons Clark is so good because those small memories are the best memories and the ones I will never forget.

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