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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Corriana
Corriana, Class of 2022
Corriana - Class of 2022

In 6th grade, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and audition for a South Bend Civic theatre play called "The Lion King Jr." I ended up getting the lead role. Tons of people from school came to support me, but one person who stood out was my English teacher, Mrs. Nash. Mrs. Nash was an outstanding teacher! She made me feel welcomed during my first year at SCS. Just seeing her smile always made my whole day a lot better.

Mrs. Nash came to see one of my first performances. When I went to see her in the crowd, she started talking to me about how she was so proud of my performance. The next day, I was absent from school because I had another performance, but my classmates told me that she spent the whole class talking about me and how I did so well on the performance. Mrs. Nash gave me more confidence which allowed me to do better in my performances. She also made me feel a lot better about my singing voice because I don't usually sing that much.

Sixth grade is when they had to shut the schools down due to coronavirus. It was a pretty tough time for me. All of my assignments were in different places, and I had no idea when any of them were due. I was also pretty sad about "The Lion King Jr." ending because I liked stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I've always been afraid to do, especially when Mrs. Nash encouraged me to.

One day when I was sitting on my couch, attending my English class on Zoom, my mother was in the kitchen, listening to my teacher talk. This time, it was after I had gotten a perfect score on a test. Mrs. Nash started going on about how amazing I was. It was to the point where the other students had tired expressions on their faces. My mom said, "Is she your mother, or am I? She's really proud of you, Corriana."

Mrs. Nash inspired me to do things out of my comfort zone; if it wasn't for her, I would've never decided that I wanted to be an actress when I grow up. She made a huge impact on my life.

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