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Class of 2022 Personal Memoir: Anna
Anna, Class of 2022
Anna - Class of 2022

It was a hot day in late August of 2021 when my 8th grade class at Stanley Clark went to Rum Village, a local park with several ropes courses, for the annual 8th-grade retreat. I was new to Stanley Clark this year and had never been on a ropes course before. I was a little nervous about not having experience and not knowing my classmates very well yet. We were on the wooden platform with six ropes courses attached: two easy courses, two medium courses, and two challenging courses. My friend, Erin, stood there with me in a tree’s shade, waiting for our turn, having already done one of the medium courses. When it was our turn, the supervisor asked us which course we wanted to go on. We looked at each other, and I could feel the unease about going on one of the courses with higher difficulty. We explained how we were nervous about doing one of the hard ropes courses, but the supervisor encouraged us and told us that she thought we could do it. So we walked up the steps and began one of the highest and most challenging ropes courses at the park, and I’m so glad we did. We successfully made it to the end, and it was so fun to encourage and cheer each other on. We had moments when we both struggled throughout the course, but we kept going. There were so many different wooden structures between each tree that it looked overwhelming, but we continued pushing through it with determination. We laughed and smiled while walking back to the bus from the course, saying that we were so glad to have persevered through the challenges.

Since this retreat was one of the first days of school, it was great to bond with and get to know other people in my grade. The experience of the challenging ropes course taught me two very important lessons. Sometimes you just need to do something, even if you’re scared to do it, because the outcome will be amazing. Fear tried to stop me from doing the course, but I ignored it even though I wasn’t sure exactly how it would turn out. Also, persevering through tough challenges and not giving up is extremely important. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if we had given up. I’ve realized that these two morals apply to everything in life, like signing up for an extracurricular activity you haven’t had experience in before or persevering through a sports game even though you’re down several points. I will never forget the sunny day at the 8th-grade retreat, and I will take what I have learned from the ropes course with me throughout the rest of my life. 

  • Class of 2022

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