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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: William
William, Class of 2021
William, Class of 2021

I remember the first day I came to Clark. It was the spring of 2019 and I shadowed one of my closest friends, David. When I was in English class everybody asked me to pick my seat. I looked around the room and there were couches, bean bags, comfy chairs, and all kinds of seats. I picked the high chair desk which is exactly where David usually sits, and ironically, David and I look almost the same. Everybody started laughing hysterically. What we did in the classroom was actually fun and I didn't usually have fun in school. I knew this school was perfect for me. It was friendly and interactive. I walked over to the gym and it was amazingly big. I am athletic and competitive. All the teachers were so friendly and welcoming to me. This was the place for me. 

On the first day of my seventh-grade year, I walked into the front door with confidence and excitement. I had been going through schools in the South Bend area for the past two years trying to find the perfect fit for me. Stanley Clark is my Goldilocks fit and I am pleased to have had this amazing opportunity. Clark really made me who I am today because I was able to enjoy school while gaining tons of knowledge and experience. One of those experiences was the Merry Lea Environmental Center trip. This was my first real bonding experience with other kids. Merry Lea is an overnight field trip to study macroinvertebrates. We were split into groups and my group was fun and open-minded to learning. During this trip, we played games and hung out. Merry Lea was one of my first bonding experiences with my friends.

One thing I love so much about Clark is that there are no groups. When I moved here and went to a new school it was hard to find a group of kids to fit in with. But here there are no groups. Everybody is friends with everybody, we always hang with each other and have each other's backs when we need them. At lunch, we always sit with each other, never leave anybody out, and just have fun. This aspect of school just makes it so much better. 

Another one of my favorite aspects of Clark is advisory. Each morning you meet with a quarter of your class and talk and hang out. This really brought me close to my friends. I am blessed to have one of my favorite teachers as my advisor. We always have little activities planned like board game day. The feeling of playing games with all of your friends to start the day will never be erased in my memory. My advisor is outgoing and always watches our backs to make sure our grades are the best they can be and that we never have missing assignments.

Stanley Clark is my home and I am blessed to have had this time as I head to high school next year. I will remember all the good times I had at Stanley Clark and try to live up to what Stanley Clark has made me into. I will also never forget my time as a Miami captain.

  • Class of 2021

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