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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Olivia
Olivia, Class of 2021
Olivia, Class of 2021

When I was in fourth grade my cousin became a Miami captain. I always looked up to her and ever since that day, I wanted to be a Miami captain. Every year I would watch as generations of captains led their teams. With scores being very close, they would do the last event, the bucket brigade. Last year, my brother became a Miami captain. I was so happy for him. But, with my brother being a captain, I wanted to be one even more than before. Captains lead the two athletic teams. One team being Miami and the other being Iroquois. There are many races that each team does. The faster each team does them, the more points they get. In the end, one team wins. 

In March, the whole world went into quarantine and Stanley Clark did online school through Zoom. So much was happening, I forgot about captains. In the last week of school, the gym teachers announced that on the last Friday of school they would announce the captains. That last week of school felt so long as I waited and voted. 

On Friday, I logged on to Zoom and my mom came in and watched as everyone joined the Zoom. One by one last year captains named off the new captains. My brother was in his room but was not allowed to tell me if I was a captain or not. They read off the first Miami girl captain, it was my friend Sophia. They soon got back to the second Miami girl. My heart almost stopped beating and then they said my name. I was so happy to have become a captain, a dream of mine. My mom gave me a big hug. I waited to tell my dad when he got back home from work. I sat downstairs patiently. My parents were so proud of me.

My family and I liked to watch the show Survivor. Later that Friday we watched the last episode in the 40th season. I was in my pj’s when my mom told me to go get dressed. I didn't want to, obviously, so I asked why I had to. My mom said we had company coming soon. I had no idea who it was so I quickly got dressed. Soon the doorbell rang and when the door opened in came last year's Miami captains Grace and Dani. They congratulated me and gave me some gifts. I was so happy as I didn't get to celebrate with anyone since we were on Zoom. They gave me a balloon, flowers, popcorn, and Starbucks and we took some pictures. Then I went back to yelling at the tv. At least I had some Starbucks to cool me down.

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