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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Mitchell
Mitchell, Class of 2021

Stanley Clark is a place of growth for all students. This is my own story of growth. Back in third grade, my first year at Clark, I was a shy boy who would never speak his mind and was always scared of others. The people at Clark made me feel so welcome, but no matter what, I would not open up … until the Student Council election.

The grade announced that we were going to have an election for Student Council and, of course, I steered as far away as possible from it. I was not even thinking about running until the next day when a few classmates asked me if I was going to run. I told them no and asked why they were wondering such a thing. After I said I wasn't running, there was a visible show of disappointment on their faces. This shocked and confused me at the same time until over the course of the next class period my classmates somehow convinced me to run for Student Council.

To this day I'm not really sure how this happened, but my guess is that seeing that my classmates wanted me to run made me realize something … that I don't have to always be quiet and say nothing and that many times my classmates actually wanted me to talk. Over the next week, I campaigned for Student Council. At some points during the election process, I felt discouraged, but my classmates were always there to encourage me. At the end of the week and all of this campaigning, I still felt as though it had all been a waste. On the day of the vote, I figured that I wouldn't even be close to winning, but to my surprise, I was elected as an official to represent my grade. This came as a huge shock to me, but my classmates felt I was the right person for the job. 

Stanley Clark has helped me in a multitude of ways, but most of all, being challenged and encouraged by my own peers has led me to become who I truly am and help me show that to the world.

Without Clark, who knows where I would be. I’d probably be that same kid who was too afraid to show his true self. Joining Clark was the best decision I've ever made. This may seem like a small moment to others, but to me, it was life-changing. Clark has made me who I am today.

  • Class of 2021

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