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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Kate
Kate, Class of 2021

Mrs. Hunt, the former lower school art teacher, helped me a lot with recognizing my love of art. Mrs. Hunt helped me fuel my creativity and made me realize my passion for the arts and art history. I first met her in kindergarten. She was my first art teacher and it was amazing. I never knew there was a teacher dedicated to teaching me about art. Art is still one of my favorite classes because it reminds me of her and all the fun I had in her art class.

In every third grade class, the third graders would have a huge end-of-the-year project where they would collectively come up with a theme for an art show. I was and still am very obsessed with Ancient Egyptian culture and art. I wanted to do an Ancient Egyptian theme and Mrs. Hunt loved the idea. All the other kids wanted to do a futuristic space theme. Mrs. Hunt decided to do some research and found out fun facts about Ancient Egypt. She told the class about these fun facts and convinced them to do an Ancient Egyptian theme. I was so excited to come up with a plan.

I decided to make a statue of a cat (I named it Cleopatra) and my friend decided to make one too so that they could guard the entrance to the exhibit. Often in Ancient Egypt, cats were used to guard the sarcophagus. The night the exhibit opened was one of the happiest days of my life. I couldn't wait to show my family. When I walked into the exhibit it was wonderful and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like I got transported into an Ancient Egyptian burial ground. I still have the cat statue I made displayed in the entrance to my house. 

If my parents hadn’t enrolled me at Stanley Clark, I may have never realized my love of art. Today one of my favorite things to do is to walk around art museums and enjoy the art. I also love learning about the history of the art, how it got here and how it became so famous. I am so grateful for Mrs. Hunt and for the art program at Stanley Clark. Last year Mrs. Hunt retired and I was so sad that I wouldn’t get to see her walking down the halls anymore. Without art, I don’t know where I would be today.

  • Class of 2021

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