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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Emily
Emily, Class of 2021

As a student that came to Stanley Clark in 7th grade, I thought that making friends would be difficult because I would be the “new kid.” The night before my visit day I was so excited to visit my future school, but a part of me was nervous. I remember waking up that morning so excited to meet new people. As my mom and I were driving to Stanley Clark I could not stop talking, partly because of nerves and partly because I was genuinely excited. The moment I walked in the doors, I was greeted by the people at the front desk, followed by the girl I was shadowing. She guided me through the hall and into a classroom. There we waited for the other students to join us. As she waited she asked me questions and started to get to know me. We had a lot in common. When the other students joined us, their faces were so welcoming. 

In class, we worked on their vocabulary words on Quizlet. They did a couple of rounds and kindly offered me a chance to try. Then we took turns until the teacher told us that it was time for a snack. There I met other students that were as excited to meet me as I was to meet them. We all played games outside and I tripped and fell. Everyone asked if I was ok and escorted me to the nurse’s office. 

To this day, I remember how nice and caring everyone was. I felt myself opening up more and more toward the end of the day and being more outgoing.  After I took the test to get into the school, my mom picked me up. I told her that I wanted to go back the next day. I was nervous that I wouldn’t get in, and my mom and I would have to find another school. When my mom got the call that I got in, I was over the moon. At that time, I was on the bus and I saw that my mom had sent me the tiger emoji. At that point, I knew that Stanley Clark was going to be my new school and that I would get to see my friends again.

  • Class of 2021

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