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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Brayden
Brayden, Class of 2021

I cannot begin to describe how much I’ve connected with Stanley Clark. I always had a hard time making friends and was used to being someone I wasn’t, modeling myself after those I wanted to hang out with. When I first stepped into the building, I knew this was it. This would be the school for me. It really felt as if I was the new kid in a movie and at the end I would be lifted up in the air as my classmates chanted my name. That probably was not going to happen but it still felt that way.

I was greeted by classmates as I walked down the hall to my first class. It felt spacious but at the same time crowded with excitement and new friendship. My first period was foreign language with Dr. Cook who would be teaching me and only three other students Latin. A couple of classes later I ended up with a whole new experience, which was snack. Snack has been probably one of my favorite parts of the day as I look back because of how many experiences I’ve had talking to friends and crazy things happening, like the 8th grade snack revolution (long story). As time went on, I had no trouble making friends and soon, was no longer the new kid. I was accepted for who I was.

Two (and a half) school years had passed and it was Halloween. Because we could wear costumes, I decided to dress up as the character “Where’s Waldo?”. I walked through the door of my first period with my costume on and one of my friends shouted “Waldo!”. From that point on, the name stuck with me. I was known as Waldo and rarely anyone called me by my real name. But that day when I walked into the first period, I felt that I fit in. I felt like I had known everybody for decades. 

A year later, I’m in 8th grade and I’m still Waldo. The experiences I’ve had at Clark will always remain with me and I will always look back at them when I am older. Clark opened up new opportunities and hobbies for me, and I wish every experience I’ve had was everlasting. I will really miss Stanley Clark because it has shaped me into a better person … and I was referred to as one of my favorite characters. 

  • Class of 2021

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