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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Anne
Anne, Class of 2021

I never realized how important trying new things was until I looked back on my time at Stanley Clark. In third grade, I moved schools and still remember wanting to go to SCS so badly after I visited. My visiting day was such a good experience and one of the main reasons was because of the warm, welcoming people. All of the kids were so nice to me. The teachers also looked out for us in advance. I recently found out that the day before my twin brother Jack and I came they told the class to not call us Jack and Annie from the book series The Magic Treehouse which they were reading at the time. That showed me the school really does care about each of their students. If that visit day didn't go well I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am today in academics and my social life.

Another time this school taught me to try new things even when it can be hard or scary is in fifth grade. It was the first year of middle school which meant the first year for competitive sports. I chose soccer because I had played it outside of school a little. Even though I had experience with soccer before Clark I chose to do non-competitive because I was too nervous to actually play. My coach tried everything to convince me to play but my mind was set. Until one day. It was the team’s first game and I still didn't want to play. After school, I went home, but when I went to school the next day I regretted my choice. My close friends all had such a fun game and were so supportive of each other. Even the sixth graders who were on the team with us were kind. My friends had finally convinced me to play, so the next practice I got a jersey and prepared for the next game! I remember getting ready and putting my hair up with the team. I felt like such a big kid hanging out with them. My nerves went away when I realized it wasn't that serious after all. Back then it didn't seem like doing that was very important but now I realize it opened so many doors for me. I became closer with the gym teachers who are so funny and caring, I got closer with a lot of my now best friends, I even talked to the older grades. It also allowed me to break out of my shell more and now I'm much more outgoing and confident. Overall my experience at Clark made me realize who I am and that I'll always have people there for me when I need it the most. It has made me realize that just trying something new won’t hurt and who knows, you could end up finding it very enjoyable.

  • Class of 2021

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