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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Andy
Andy, Class of 2021
Andy, Class of 2021

Excitement is one word I would use to describe Olympic day. It is one of the most fun days of the year and is so competitive and exciting. Olympic Day is where the whole day is just a gym class basically. There are two teams, Miami and Iroquois. The week before Olympic Day in gym class, we practice and get good at the events such as wood walk, 50-yard dash, 100-yard dash, relay, and potato sack race. 

One Olympic Day, I remember waking up in the morning and already being nervous. I remember getting to school and seeing everyone with red and white shirts on. Red for Iroquois and white for Miami. I am an Iroquois captain this year. At snack that day we all had red hair dye and put it on our hair and sprayed it on our legs and arms. Then we all went out to the fields and listened to the national anthem and got ready to start. Each team had their own pep rally and got hype to start. My first event was the 50 and 100-yard dash. I rode in second on the 50 and got second on the 100. 

My next event was soccer. I slid on my soccer socks and got my shin guards and cleats on and started in goal. We scored first up, then I made a couple of saves. On the next shot, it hit the post, went around me and one of the open players tapped it in for a goal. We ended up scoring a couple more goals and winning to get 30 points. After that, I did the potato sack race and won, which is one of the less serious races, but still worth points. 

After that, I had some time to sit down with friends and watch some other events, such as the wood walk which Iroquois won. The tug of war was next. We prepared and tried our hardest, but the odds were not in our favor. But we watched as all 3 other Iroquois grades won. We were up by 15 and it all came down to the bucket brigade. As we watch nervously, chanting “Iroquois,” we saw a Miami foot slip. That pretty much ended the game and Iroquois won and tied the rivalry up. Olympic Day really teaches people how to be leaders and I think that is one of the best lessons Clark teaches.

  • Class of 2021

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