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Class of 2021 Personal Memoir: Ahan
Ahan, Class of 2021

When I first came to Clark in preschool, I didn't really have a passion for anything. I would play different sports, but when I started playing basketball, I realized that it was the right sport for me. I started watching the game when I was nine and it looked so fun. So, I asked my dad to buy a basketball for me and I fell in love with the game. I would always ask my parents to let me join a team but they didn’t have time and I didn’t have time. When fifth grade came around, I was excited because I got to play basketball on a team for the first time.

When winter came along, basketball season started and I met the coaches Mrs. Borsodi and Mr. Clyne. Most of my friends were new to this too, only some have been on a team before. When practice started I was ecstatic, excited, and nervous to start playing, but when the practice started, I had so much fun. Every day during practice we would do drills to enhance our playing capabilities. Mrs. Borsodi and Mr. Clyne encouraged us the whole time and were so supportive. You could see they wanted us to get better.

The coaches made sure no one got left out and that everyone could be on a team. They made sure everyone was improving and it was a welcoming environment every single time I stepped foot in that gym. Soon came our first game. I remember we won that game, the coach made sure everyone got playing time, and everyone contributed to the win. When I was on the court playing, my team was encouraging and supporting me on the bench. They were so happy when I made a shot. It was one of my happiest moments ever because it was my first basket ever in a basketball game. When it was my turn to sit out I did the same and I remember I was so excited because it was my first win with a team and my friends. 

After the game, I was so happy that I got Dairy Queen. From that moment on I knew basketball was my sport. My passion for basketball has only grown from fifth grade. I have gotten so much better thanks to the coaches. I even got a basketball hoop outside my house so I can play in and out of school. The coaches motivate you to get better and to practice every day. Basketball has become such a passion of mine and The Stanley Clark School has helped to grow that passion.

  • Class of 2021

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