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Class of 2019 Spotlight: Mia
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications
Headshots of Mia

Meet Mia

She was just 3 years old when she came to Clark, the same age that she began playing soccer. In fact, Mia was named after soccer star, Mia Hamm; which is very fitting, seeing as how she LOVES soccer.

Her dream is to become a professional soccer player because it genuinely makes her happy. However, her second option is to become a pediatrician, as Mia loves kids and also finds the medical field very interesting.

In addition to soccer, she enjoys listening to music, reading, drawing and spending time with friends and family. She’s a Speech Team member and also plays basketball and tennis.

One of her best moments at Clark was being voted an Iroquois captain. “I was really happy, and I was so excited because I always looked up to the captains, and now I get to be that role model for all of the little kids.”

How Mia Describes Clark

“Clark is welcoming and a great school. Everyone is so close and it really helps you build strong relationships. The academics are great and the teachers do a great job of helping you if you don't understand something.”

How She’s Been Challenged or Grown at Clark

“Math has always been a challenge for me, but at Clark, I feel like I can learn at my own pace while keeping up with the schematic. I have gotten a lot better at math and am now confident in my math skills.”

Favorite Field Trip

“In kindergarten, we went to a farm where we picked apples, drank apple cider and visited the animals. I remember being in one of the cow stables and a baby cow was trying to stand up for the first time. I was behind him and thought that it was so cool to experience that. I also loved our 7th grade trip to Canada. I made so many memories and got to see Niagara Falls, which I’d wanted to do for most of my life.”

Favorite Class

“My favorite class is history. I think it is amazing that we have the opportunity to learn about our nation's past and do a lot of projects that really help me learn what we are talking about.”

What Makes Clark Special?

“Clark is special because it is an amazing place and is so welcoming. All of the teachers really get to know the students and you create friendships that will support you through your middle school career. The opportunities that are given are so diverse and you can always find something you like to do.”

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Lindsey Hab

Lindsey Hab

Director of Marketing and Communications


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