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Class of 2019 Spotlight: Maisie
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications
Headshots of Maisie

Meet Maisie

She joined Clark in kindergarten and since then has excelled in many ways! She’s received the Academic Music Award (7th grade), Sportsmanship Award (6th grade) and the Margaret R. Emery Award for Outstanding Lower School Student (4th grade).

Maisie’s been a member of the Speech Team since 6th grade where she's performed in the poetry event each year. “Everything at Clark is a positive experience. I love doing Speech Team because it is such a fun activity that I have learned a lot from. I have improved my public speaking skills and gained confidence from it.” She’s also participated in every school play since 5th grade.

At Clark, she plays soccer, basketball and golf. Outside of Clark, Maisie enjoys taekwondo and got her black belt in June of 2017. She’s even on her taekwondo school’s leadership team.

Maisie’s played piano since she was three and goes to Suzuki music camp in Indianapolis every summer. She’s also a member of 4-H where she trains and shows one of her dogs, makes jewelry and does woodworking.

Fun Fact  

“I have four dogs, Gusto, Rosie, Henry and S’mores.”

Career Ambitions

"I want to be a math teacher because I like math. I love the way Mr. Younts teaches and makes math fun. I want to be able to make math fun, too.”

How Maisie Describes Clark

“Stanley Clark is really awesome because we are friends with everyone in the grade and all the teachers are really nice and fun.”

How She’s Been Challenged or Grown

“I have always been shy, but being at Clark has helped me be more outgoing and I have improved my public speaking skills a lot.”

Favorite Teacher

“I like all of the teachers at Stanley Clark, but my favorite is Ms. Chudzynski. She teaches drama and public speaking, is the director of every play and is the Speech Team coach. She does so many things, but she always makes time to get to know everyone personally. She is really nice and was a great advisor in 7th grade. In Ms. C’s class, we always have lots of fun while learning. I think she’s a good role model because she’s powerful and caring at the same time.”

Her Favorite Part of Going to School Here

“My favorite part of going to Stanley Clark is playing games that help us retain what we are learning. The games are really fun, but we are actually learning. Like in science when studying for a test we play Kahoot. Mrs. Kurnyak puts a question up on the screen and we all choose our answers on iPads. The results are then displayed and we get points for correct answers. We also play games sometimes in math, drama, and history.”

Favorite Class Project

“I enjoyed doing Innovation Alley in fifth grade. I portrayed Josephine Cochrane who invented the dishwasher. I also liked our art project, Space is the Place, in 3rd grade. I made a moon with a moon rover on it. I love seeing other people’s creations when we do projects.”

Favorite Field Trip

“I liked the Camp Eberhart field trip in fifth grade. We did really fun team building activities. For example, there was a wooden platform where we swung on a rope. I just liked spending time with everyone.”

What Makes Clark Special?

“Clark is special because it is a small school. Since there are around 30 students in each grade, we can all get to know each other really well. Because the teachers know everyone so well, they take the time to teach differently so each student can learn better. I also like being friends with the whole grade.”

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Lindsey Hab

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