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Class of 2019 Spotlight: Jessica
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications
Headshots of 8th Grader, Jessica

Meet Jessica

She started at Clark just last year in 7th grade but has quickly become a beloved member of the family.

Jessica loves to draw, do math and play in the South Bend Youth Symphony Orchestra. In fact, she’s been playing the harp since the age of 9.

Upon starting at Clark, Jessica joined Science Olympiad, MathCounts and Speech Team. This year she's even a Speech Team officer. She plays volleyball, performed in Antigone last year and will be in this year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Musical.

Future Career Ambitions

“I am interested in pursuing the fine arts because it’s something that I think I’m good at and it’s fun to do. It allows you to be creative.”

Her First Few Weeks at Clark

“It was really nice and surprising to see how friendly everyone was. We had a lot of group projects, so I made friends quickly.”

Favorite Field Trip

“My favorite field trip was the 7th-grade service learning project at Feed the Children. We helped pack boxes full of supplies which were given to people who had been recently affected by hurricanes. It was a great experience to know we were able to help all the way from South Bend.”

A Positive Experience at Clark and How it Left an Impact

“I think one of the things that impacted me most was participating in speech team. Speech was a great experience and helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses. Discussion, the event I signed up for, was a bit different from the others, yet something thought I would do well in. I ended up not doing well and not placing at all. I realized I hadn’t studied the topic well enough and that you have to be pretty forward. That experience really helped me understand my strengths and showed me that I was more fit for another event. I ended up doing poetry instead, felt more confident and was able to place.”

Memorable Class Project

“One of my favorite class projects was our hot salsa lab report in 7th grade. It was our first science lab report, and it was my favorite because we were allowed to break a lab rule and eat salsa as part of the experiment. I also enjoyed learning how to write a lab report correctly.”

How She's Been Challenged or Grown at Clark

“Since I first started at Clark, I’ve met many great people and friends that will last a lifetime. I have been challenged in all my classes, which helped me grow into a more organized and diligent student.”

What Makes Clark Special?

“Clark is a special place because we are taught by great teachers who teach us how to be prepared, organized, creative and logical. Every day helps shape our character and teaches us how to be a good person. Clark is one-of-a-kind!”



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Lindsey Hab

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