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Class of 2019 Spotlight: Gabe
Lindsey Hab, Director of Marketing and Communications

Meet Gabe

Gabe started his Clark career as a kindergartener in Mrs. Gratrix’s class.

He’s acted in the school play for the last two years, been a member of the Speech Team since 6th grade and got involved with Science Olympiad in 7th grade.

He loves soccer and basketball and in terms of a career, “I’d like to be involved with sports … whether it’s playing or announcing, etc.” He's won the Coach’s Award (7th grade) and the Great Team Player Award (6th grade). But sports aren’t his only passion. He also won the History Award last year.

Gabe loves talking with friends, Netflix and of course watching sports. “I love the NBA and my dad is a big Yankees fan. He grew up in New York. So, I get roped into watching the Yankees with him.”

How Gabe Describes Clark

“An all-inclusive family.”

A Positive Experience He had at Clark

“I remember winning Olympic Day in 5th grade. I'd participated in the 50-year dash and basketball. The score was really tight toward the end. I was standing by the scoreboard and was so excited when they turned it around and Miami had won.”

What Being a Miami Captain Means to Him

Gabe explained that being a captain doesn’t change how you act out on the Olympic Day field … as he hopes he’s always been a leader. “The level of responsibility is higher. Everyone is looking up to you and you need to lead by example. I’m really excited for the pep rally before the events. We are getting it done this season.”

Fun Fact

“I went to Brazil every summer when I younger. My mom is from there so we go and visit family. In the summer of 2017, I went to an overnight camp in Brazil for a week. We played sports, had lots of free time and played games every evening. There was also this awesome mud trail to run through.”

His Favorite Part of Going to School Here

“There are a lot of different types of students and teachers here and you get to know everyone well. It’s cool too because you can get individual attention. In each class, every single person in the class is going to talk at some point and we have lots of time for discussion instead of just taking notes.”

What Makes Clark Special?

“When you fail or triumph you never feel alone at this school. I love it.”


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Lindsey Hab

Lindsey Hab

Director of Marketing and Communications


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